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Chris. China.


Chris. China.

I don’t know if I will marry a girl, but I want people to be able to accept me for who I am and to be kind and not curse.

I’m from the northern part of China, which is Hsingan province, and I’ve been living in Shanghai for four years. I work in a selling company with cosmetics.

I have been dating girls since I was eighteen, and I think it was a struggle for me to let my parents and my relatives and the people around me to accept it. I think life has no boundaries so I don’t know if I will marry a girl, but I want people to be able to accept me for who I am and to be kind and not curse. I don’t want to hurt anyone, and I don’t want anyone to hurt me.

Shanghai is different to any other parts of China, they are more open minded, more accepting to many things, but I’m still Chinese. I might tell my parents that I like girls but maybe I won’t ever. I don’t want to hurt them. But if I do tell them it will be in an easy and a nice way.

I want to travel a lot. You know there’s a saying in Chinese – “if you’ve read thousands of books, you’ve walked thousands of miles”. So now that I’ve finished my bachelor degree, I want to see the world more.

When I hear the word ‘beautiful’, the first thing in my mind would be a lady who helped a disabled guy cross the road, a man helps a pregnant lady to cross the road, all these kinds of things make me think ‘it’s a beautiful world’. And also a family, you stay together with your family, kind parents, love each other, they love you more. And all these things make me feel beautiful. 

My advice would be to just be yourself. Don’t be afraid to show who you are. If you like girls just date girls. If you stay in your small corner and don’t talk to any people, they don’t know what you think. But there are many many people who like girls, like boys, they are gay, they are lesbian, there are LGBT people all over the world. You need to get out of your comfort zone and see the world. Because if you are kind, then the world will be too. And that makes a beautiful world.