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Phyo Phyo. Myanmar (Burma).


Phyo Phyo. Myanmar (Burma).

I am a Myanmar girl, so I have worn thanaka all my life. Every day I put it on - I don't think I have ever not worn thanaka...

I'm very busy. I wake up early, wash my face, brush my teeth, take a bath, wear thanaka, prepare lunch then leave my home for work. I only have to prepare one meal for my lunch and then I go to work. I work in thanaka production. I've worked for the same family in thanaka Production for many years. I used to work in my school holidays for extra money.

It is up to me how many hours or days I choose to work. I earn more kyat if I work more hours. When I come home from work I do my chores and relax. I wash my clothes and when I've done that I just have fun on my mobile phone. I spend many hours on whats app playing games and talking with my friends. I live with my mother and she cooks for me and my family. I am lucky as I don't have to help her! When I get home sometimes I play a card game. We play with money - 50 Kyats a game. I play with my brother's wives. I never win or lose I'm just a normal card player.

I go to work for five days except for when it rains. It's hard to travel on my motorbike in the rain. I do not go to work when there is something special at home or a ceremony. I would just take one or two days leave for either of those reasons. Other than that, I go to work every other day. I work with my friends so I enjoy going to work.

At night I sometimes watch television with my family. My favourite is the Monkey King TV series and sometimes we will stay up till 10 o'clock at night.

I am a Myanmar girl, so I have worn thanaka all my life. Every day I put it on to protect my skin from the sun. If I go to a ceremony I will do a nice design on my face. I also wear thanaka at night because it keeps my skin healthy. I don't think I have ever not worn thanaka. My mother, my grandmother, and my great grandmother - all of us, for all our lives have worn thanaka every day.

I think wearing thanaka and wearing nice clothes makes me beautiful. I prefer new dresses because dressing is important for a person.