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Girls, discovering.

How it all began

They packed their bags and travelled to explore the time-honoured traditions that bestow the feeling of beauty in New Zealand and cultures abroad. On these voyages of discovery, they sought the best natural sources of skincare. 

Our founders met incredible women who welcomed them into their communities to experience their way of life. They learnt what beauty means to these women as they were taught the practices that had been passed down through the generations. 

These women and their families have become both friends and valued partners. Whether growing honey on a windswept island in New Zealand, coconuts in a remote village in Bali or harvesting thanaka in their own backyards in Myanmar, these are strong and passionate women and family collectives that are honouring the past and creating a future for their children.

Girl Undiscovered Offices

Girl Undiscovered’s HQ is located in Auckland, New Zealand. We also have a satellite office in Los Angeles and it is safe to say at least one Girl is somewhere in transit at any given time!